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Martin Tindall- Stem Cells Show Potential for Treating Autism

Stem Cells Show Potential for Treating Autism

New research finding that stem cells could be used as a potential treatment for autism comes just in time for April, which is autism awareness month. Autism, also called autism spectrum disorder because it refers to a broad range of conditions affecting mental perception and behavior, is characterized by difficulties with social skills, repetitive behavior, […]

Martin Tindall- clash of biotech and Trump's immigration ban

The Clash of Biotechnology and Trump’s Immigration Ban

A hot topic in the press right now is President Trump’s immigration ban. In January, President Trump signed an executive order barring immigrants from seven primarily-Muslim countries, and while the federal court put a hold on the original order, a new version temporarily (for 90 days) bans immigration and travel from six Muslim-majority countries as […]

Martin Tindall- five biotech trends to look out for in 2017

Five Biotech Trends to Look Out for in 2017

The world of biotechnology is in a state of constant evolution. It is fast, exciting, and volatile with new discoveries and advancements occurring every day. It is a field of seemingly unlimited potential and the scientists spearheading life-altering studies are often woefully under-appreciated. As the advisor of a leading disruptive healthcare solutions company, I am […]

Martin Tindall- Immunotherapy Shows Potential as Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy Shows Potential as Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy has been a hot topic of late, working its way into the media and even appearing in a Super Bowl commercial. Essentially, immunotherapy uses the body’s own immune system to build up its natural defenses to diseases. Most people are already familiar with antimicrobial immunotherapy (vaccinations) and how immunotherapy is used to treat allergies, […]


This is Martin Tindall’s first blog post on his site dedicated to health and wellness.

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