About Martin Tindall


Martin Tindall, advisor at Phoenix Life Sciences, has dedicated his career to enabling overall physical health and wellness for people from all walks of life. He is fascinated by the role of technology in the medical sector, specifically the use of biotechnological development and production.

An ambitious and enterprising professional, Martin has worked on numerous environmental projects that delivered sustainable, “green” business solutions and enabled local job creation and economic development as these solutions were carried out. He was previously the Executive Director of Kronos International Investments LLP and continues to be active in it. Through this company, he has developed and incubated numerous projects and partnerships including South Pacific BioFuels, ECO2 Forests, Voice of North America, World Property Company and EB5 Assist.

Similar to his views on the environment, Martin has a distinctly forward-thinking perspective on the medical industry. He is interested in the prevention or treatment of diseases through lesser-known or lesser-utilized methods, like immunotherapy and stem cell therapy. This is in addition to his overall goal of revitalizing the medical industry through Phoenix Life Sciences, a company which is dedicated to researching, producing, and distributing medical marijuana treatments for eight categories of medical conditions.

Through Phoenix Life Sciences, Martin and his colleagues plan to create a “new normal” in the medical industry: one defined not by the creation of synthetic drugs, but the purposeful utilization and delivery of natural plant materials and compounds for effective system absorption. Martin is working toward a future in which medicine helps the human body “repair, restore, and rejuvenate itself,” and he is always looking for relevant developments in the industry.

Martin’s original view of medicine was forever changed when he lost his father to the chemotherapy treatments his father had been undergoing for pancreatic cancer. The chemotherapy treating the cancer was simply too harsh on his father’s system, an unfortunate sentiment echoed by millions of Americans who struggle with the disease every year. Martin began to research alternative treatments for cancer with the hope that another option existed to help people more efficiently fight against this devastating illness and other illnesses.

He eventually discovered the solution he was searching for: cannabis, which is easily processed through the endocannabinoid system present in our physiology.  Ever since then, Martin has worked to deliver medical products created from natural plant materials and compounds, which are selected to treat the underlying deficiencies to return the body to homeostasis.

On this blog, Martin Tindall will recap some of the most exciting biotechnological news and also recap some of the essential knowledge that drives his interest in health and wellness.